Baby Business – The Royal One

Baby Business – The Royal One

I don’t want to monetize everything in sight, but it has to be said that Royal babies are good for business.

All economic impact from the birth should be positive. Many commemorative items sold and nothing to offset this – for instance, no public holiday to be taken into consideration unlike for the Royal wedding.

Bookies have cleaned up after the Royal birth, with punters betting on baby names, weights, and sex. Souvenirs and commemorative items will help give a huge boost in sales to retailers, along with alcohol sales slightly rising as people toast the Royal baby.

The Royal baby was born into the middle of some lovely weather in the UK, heightening the ‘feel good’ factor of his birth. With Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, the UK has had good news lately and this lift in spirits for the country will reflect on business sales too.

Another significant difference is that there won’t be the great pageantry and celebratory public events which we saw at the Diamond jubilee and the Royal wedding. Although these likely had an impact in lifting tourism,  with the high media coverage and interest in the birth of the Royal baby throughout the world, the UK will be advertised globally.

It sounds like a baby boom for the UK to me – let’s hope the positive impact continues.

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