A guide to making extra money from unused items

A guide to making extra money from unused items

Everyone acquires stuff they do not need. Instead of letting it pile up in the nooks and crannies around your house or donating it all to charity, why not make some extra money from selling it to someone who needs it?

There are all sorts of ways to make some extra money by selling your stuff. It is not as difficult as you might think. All items have some value to someone so if you are not using it yourself then pass it on to someone who will appreciate it. You will end up with a cleaner, tidier home and a bit of extra cash in your pocket. What’s not to love?

 Things you can sell

Obviously there are items that really are better off going in the bin, but on the whole the old adage of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is true. However it is important to sell your unwanted items as quickly as possible if you want to receive the maximum return. Items such as consumer electronics tend to depreciate in value relatively quickly so the sooner you have a clear out the more money you will make.

There are all sorts of electronic items that people will be quite happy to buy second hand. For example you could get money for your Nintendo DS, iPod or digital camera by selling it online. If you have upgraded and are no longer using an item then sell it as soon as possible to ensure that it doesn’t become obsolete and make sure you include any user guides or instruction manuals to help you get the maximum return.

Other second hand items that sell well are things such as DVDs, computer games and even old books. With smaller items it is often better for you to sell them as a job lot. This minimises your effort and makes sure you get one larger lump sum than lots of smaller payments which can be easily frittered away without you really feeling the benefit of the extra cash in your pocket.

Children’s toys also have a good resell value so if you have kids you can encourage them to tidy their rooms and make a bit of extra pocket money by selling the toys they no longer play with. Giving your kids the control over what they want to sell will ensure their cooperation. The fact they get some financial reward will help them to see the value of their possessions.

Where to sell

There are all sorts of places you can take your stuff to sell. Car boot sales are a great way to get out in the fresh air and meet some new people – although there is always the danger of coming home with more than you take. If you are the kind of person that can’t resist a bargain then proceed with caution.

Second hand shops are another good place to go, however they have overheads to cover which means that you may not always get the maximum value for your items. Really the best way to make money from your unwanted items is by selling it online. There are many different ways to sell online with minimum effort and maximum returns for your unwanted items.

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