Ways to Finance Your First Car

Ways to Finance Your First Car

Once you’ve passed your driving test one of the next things that will be on your mind is likely to be what your first car will be. With so many options out there it can be hard to decide upon a model and where to buy it from.

Another important thing to consider is how you will be financing your first car. The amount you need will depend on whether you’re after a brand new car or used, where you are buying it from and the funding method. Here are a few ideas of how to successfully afford your first car.

Paying for a car outright is often the most cost-effective choice as it avoids paying any interest or extras when spreading payments out over a longer period. It also ensures you own the vehicle. Paying for driving lessons can be expensive but where possible it is a good idea to save at the same time so you can afford a car when you pass. Or those lucky few may even be bought one or lent money from family members towards a car.

Leasing a car offers many benefits. It will be more affordable in the short term as you will only make monthly payments so can budget a lot easier and you can get access to a brand new car at a better price rather than buying outright. Most include breakdown cover and repairs too. However, once the lease is up you won’t own the car or have anything to show for it.

Personal Loans
Personal or unsecured loans can be used for a range of purposes, including buying a new or used car. You do not have to be a homeowner and although you will pay more than the car’s value in interest it can be the best option for purchasing a new or second-hand vehicle quickly. Ensure you can meet the repayments and work it into your monthly budget before taking one out. You can find a personal loan from any one of many trustworthy suppliers.

Hire Purchase
Hire Purchase is similar to leasing in that you pay monthly between one to five years except at the end you do own the car. A 10% deposit is usually required and most have flexible terms with fixed interest rates, meaning you do pay more overall. Such deals are a lot more competitive for new rather than used vehicles so this is worth considering if you’re desperate for a brand new car.

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