How To Tackle Budgeting for Fun

How To Tackle Budgeting for Fun

As regular readers will know I love to have a flutter and chance my arm at winning some easy cash. Budgeting is something that everyone should do but often doesn’t, myself included, however if you want to be able to enjoy your favourite activities like gaming, you need to know how to draw up a budget that allows you to have money set aside to play responsibly. Here are some simple tips I’ve put together that will help you stay on track financially, whilst still having fun.

Calculate Expenses

Before you buy anything or spend any money work out your monthly and weekly expenses, and be honest about them. An inaccurate budget won’t benefit you in any way, so it’s important that you add in every coffee you buy on the way to work and other little indulgences you don’t usually account for. For an accurate representation of your monthly spend keep all your slips for a few months, you might be surprised to see where your money goes.

Use Existing Resources

If you look around it’s amazing how many existing resources you have that can help you budget and save money. For example, your mobile phone can do so much more than just make calls; chances are you can download a variety of free apps that assist in creating a budget accurately, effectively and with minimal effort. Use your phone to track your daily expenses, monitor your spending and take advantage of having a free accountant with you, wherever you go.

Stick To Your Limits

Working out a practical budget is only one half of the job done; the other half is the self-control you need to exercise when gaming. The only way a budget will be successful is if you stick to it and there’s no point playing $100 when you only budgeted $50.

Stress-Free Fun

Lastly, remember that gaming responsibly is part of successful budgeting, and if you stick to your budget you will enjoy your gaming time far more than if you know you are overspending or have not budgeted correctly.

As you can see, it can be easy to create an effective budget and still game responsibly, and when you win you can always spend or save a little more!

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