Save Money on your Holiday Accommodation this year

Save Money on your Holiday Accommodation this year

You may be under the impression that travelling around the world is expensive, however, if you know where to go and how much you could save on your accommodation you might actually be pleasantly surprised. have put together a cool info graphic which proves just how cheap you can find somewhere to lay your head for the night.

Hostels are no longer the scruffy little back street places they used to be, some of them are on a par, if not better than some hotels and bed and breakfasts, so don’t be scared to give one a try and use the money you save to spend on a nice meal or a drink in your new city.

Also now more people than ever are using Wi-Fi on their mobile phones to guide them through their new mysterious streets therefore if it’s one of those things that’s important to you Vienna, Bangkok and St Petersburg are just 3 cities throughout the world which might be your best bet. Whatever is important to you, going away on holiday doesn’t have to hurt your bank balance if you’re clever with your cash.

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