Part 2: How to make money from home by offering services

Part 2: How to make money from home by offering services

Many people have some special talents: they cook well, they can do some kind of crafts, sew fine, etc.

But not everyone understands that such talents can be used for good, so they don’t know that they can make money from it. But, there are plenty of ways to achieve this.

The best way to look for buyers of finished products that you make at home is internet (social networks, newspapers of free ads) or – directly in the markets or stores where goods that you are making are sold. So, how you can make money from home?

Method 1. Cakes to order

This method of earning money at home is more suitable for women, but men who have this talent can also try to earn money by making cakes to order.

For example, you need to invest $15 to make a decorated cake, and if a price is $35, you can earn $20.

Method 2. Making souvenirs

You can make money from home if you know how to make:



crafts made of wood, vines, clay;

stuffed Toys;

painted dishes, etc.

You can use any of your skills (the more quality and original products you produce, the higher your earnings will be).

The profitability of such a business can be can vary from 30% to 100%.

Method 3. Needlework

If you sew well, embroider or knit, you can make clothes or home products made to order.

Calculating the monthly profit of such household earnings is difficult because it all depends on whether you use your materials or sew/ knit from what your customers have brought, as well as the number of these customers.

Method 4. Repair of electronic devices

This way to earn is suitable for handymen.

If you can fix anything, then you can seriously compete with official service centers, doing the same work for a lower price.

If you charge $10 per repair, and if have 24 repairs per month, you can earn $240.

Method 5. 3D printing

This is a relatively new type of business, which you can use to earn money from home.

To buy a 3D printer and supplies to it, you need to have about $2,000.

If you quickly learn how to work on it and find the sources of sales for your manufactured goods, you will be able to return the investments no later than in 5 months.

You can make money sitting at home next to a 3d printer, producing:

souvenir products;

office products;




decoration and so on.

If you have the monthly income of $3500 and your expenses are $500, you can earn $3000 per month.

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