Part 1: How to make money from home by selling things

Part 1: How to make money from home by selling things

Modern life provides enough opportunities not to work for a minimum salary for someone in a commercial office or government organization, but to see hidden prospects.

This can be done without leaving home your home. It is only necessary to choose a profitable occupation for yourself and start making money.

If you have always dreamed of working in a trade, but do not want to work in a regular store, then you will be able to build your commercial vein at home. You can do sales, and at the same time earn good money.

  1. Online store

People are quite lazy, so for many of them is hard to go to the distant shopping center.

Today, the advanced young people prefer to make purchases on the internet without spending too much money. You can use this trend and make money by opening an online store.

To make money while sitting at home using an online store, you need to:

–    Form sole proprietorship.

–    Decide what exactly you will sell: clothes, shoes, household goods, car parts, etc.

–    Enter into contracts with suppliers.

–    Find an assistant.

–    Create a user-friendly website.

–    Fill it with goods (photo and description).

–    Start advertising your online store.

If you do not have enough money to open a full-fledged online store with a large assortment of goods, you can sell your own things that you don’t need anymore.

  1. Selling things through online auctions

Today on the internet you can find a bunch of online auction websites, where ordinary people can make money from home, by selling unwanted things.

The most popular and convenient users consider:




To earn money from home, making sales on the online auction, you need:

–    Register account at one of the websites given above (or at all of them).

–    Take pictures of things you want to sell.

–    Make descriptions of them.

–    Set the price.

–    Wait for buyers.

If you don’t ask too much, by setting prices, you can not only get rid of excess rubbish in the house but also earn money.

  1. Distributor activities

If neither the first nor the second option suits you, and you still want to make sales at home, you can become a distributor of a large company.

The constant income can be within 200 – 300 dollars a month. If you have a permanent job, you’ll not have too much time to sell, but if you decide to make money without leaving your home, then your income can be much higher.

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