How to Organize a Stunning Destination Wedding on a Budget

How to Organize a Stunning Destination Wedding on a Budget

Nearly 350,000 destination weddings occur each year, representing 24 percent of all American marriages annually. A destination wedding can provide the happy couple and guests with a memorable travel experience that adds to the excitement and fun surrounding a wedding.

Unlike weddings that occur locally, destination weddings can be difficult to plan because of a variety of logistical challenges. Whereas it is usually easy enough to visit a wedding venue should questions about seating or catering arise, it is often much harder to access a destination wedding venue during the planning process because of the need to travel.

This article will help those interested in organizing a memorable destination wedding to do so without breaking the bank. Follow a few simple tips to create an occasion that will satisfy everyone involved.

Find a destination that offers a lot of value

A study published by the Knot found that the average cost of a wedding varies greatly between different states. For example, it costs approximately $22,000 to throw a wedding in Oregon but double the amount to get married in Los Angeles, California.

Those interested in hosting a destination wedding, be it inside of or outside of the United States should first identify a wedding destination that offers genuine value. Finding a destination that traditionally offers good bang for your buck is a great way to prevent the need to go into debt to finance a wedding. Otherwise, you’ll need to invest in some serious credit repair efforts.

Search for well-made attire produced by boutique brands

Well-known brands charge a premium for items that might otherwise be considerably less. This is true for a number of industries including the fashion industry. For those searching for a well-made wedding dress, it is best to avoid purchasing the dress from a name brand designer. Instead, look at the dresses offered by famous designers and choose a similar style offered by a lesser known brand. 

Ask guests to chip in for wedding expenses

There are a number of new platforms designed to make it simply for the bride and groom to collect cash gifts that can be used to pay for aspects of the wedding. There are tools available which allow new couples to start funds that encourage wedding guests to generously provide money rather than gift yet another unnecessary homeware.

Combine the wedding with the honeymoon

Having a destination wedding offers a unique benefit that can help to save money while providing a memorable experience. If the bride and groom choose the right destination, the wedding can double as a honeymoon retreat. Instead of needing to pay for airfare and accommodations after the wedding, both experiences can be rolled into one.

By bundling transportation, and accommodations it is likely that the happy couple will be able to negotiate a more reasonable rate for big tick items related to the honeymoon. Hotels for example are often willing to lower room rates for those who book a block of rooms, something the couple can benefit from when the wedding is over and the honeymoon begins.

Plan festivities well in advance

A great way to save money on a destination wedding is to plan the festivities well in advance. Booking flights and hotels are usually less expensive when done in advance. Planning in advance will also give you time to negotiate price with various wedding vendors, something that is much harder to do when trying to plan a wedding at the last minute.

To negotiate the price of various vendors, get a quote from a series of competing providers. Negotiate each quote down if possible, and share the quote with the other prospective vendors. Doing this in advance is often a great way to get rates that might otherwise be difficult to secure.


A destination wedding has the potential to make what would ordinarily be a special occasion, even more memorable. To save money on a stunning destination wedding, be sure to select a destination that is usually well-price. Purchase wedding attire from smaller boutique brands, and consider asking wedding guests for cash gifts that can be used to pay for some wedding costs.

Planning in advance, and organizing a joint wedding and honeymoon are other ways to reliably save money while planning a spectacular destination wedding.

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