How To Make Extra Money Dog-Sitting

How To Make Extra Money Dog-Sitting

 Many pet sitters don’t define what they do as “work.” They get to do one of their favorite things, and get paid in the process! It’s hard to imagine a more perfect way to earn money on the side. is a wonderful community of dog-loving owners and caregivers. The site does all the work of connecting you with clients, getting you paid, and making sure that everyone involved has a wonderful experience—including the dog!

Once your sitter application is accepted by the approval team at Rover, you’ll be taken through each step of launching your services:

  1. Creating a profile

 Help dog owners in your neighborhood get to know you. You can specify what services you’ll offer, set your own rates, and describe your experience. This is where you can let your personality come through! Owners are looking for a friend and companion for their pets, and they want to get to know who you are. Writing isn’t your strong suit? No worries—apply for RoverGO and that team will take care of writing your profile, too.

  1. Marketing your services

Rover will automatically feature your profile whenever local owners make a targeted search. Want to increase your ranking? Ask for reviews from friends whose dogs you’ve watched in the past, keep your availability up-to-date, and respond quickly when you get a request. You’re well on your way to your first paid sit!

  1. Acing the Meet & Greet

 When you first meet a dog and her parents, you’ll probably want to jump right into playtime—but hold on. It’s best to approach the pup gently and let her make the first move, so she can warm up to you. With a skittish dog, you may want to walk alongside them, avoiding direct eye contact and letting them lick your hand.

The Meet & Greet could be on neutral ground, such as a park or yard. Be prepared with questions, and take notes. Once you get a sense of the dog’s personality, likes, and dislikes, you can engage more directly: play with a favorite toy, go for a walk together, or just get on the dog’s level and talk to them.

  1. Your first sit

Whether you’re boarding a dog in your home, house-sitting in the owner’s space, or doing drop-in visits and walks, communication is the key to excellent customer service. Know the owner’s expectations, and outline your plans clearly. The app makes it effortless to update the owner regularly, and to check in if any questions come up. Stick to a dog’s usual routine as much as possible, with regular mealtimes and bedtime, and spend extra time playing and going on walks so they know you’re there for them. Be sure you have any emergency numbers you might need before the stay begins.

Finally, it’s time to get paid! After your first stay, don’t forget to leave a review of the dog for your notes, and stay in touch with the owners for future care opportunities. You’re a pro dog-sitter now!

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