FAO: Blokes – Cut Down your Wedding Costs Where She Wo...

FAO: Blokes – Cut Down your Wedding Costs Where She Won’t Notice

When you start planning your dream wedding, you’ll get to realize that it doesn’t come cheap. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime dream and no one will want to cut back their expenses and give up that perfect white dress and shoes, the matching platinum rings, the gala reception, the flower arrangements, videos and photographs, the wedding giveaways, and even the 6-tiered wedding cake. But all of these things land a pretty hard blow on your cash stash. So if you want to get the thing you desire the most, you’ll have to sacrifice your lesser desires.

Think Twice and Cut Back

While the idea of cutting back on your wedding expenses seems a pretty good one, it’s easier said than done. Being the bride, you’re likely to want to make this day as perfect as you can, regardless of the cost.

But think about it for a moment, is spending all your savings on one day is the best thing to do. Wedding days are very special, but they are nonetheless, just one day. You don’t want to spend all your money on that one day and start your life as a couple with barely any money at hand. That’s just not the way to being happily-ever-after.

Cut Where Nobody Notices

Though an average bride can be somewhat stubborn when it comes to the matters of her wedding, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do that too. You can easily cut back on minor details, like wedding giveaways, centerpieces for tables, and even groomsmen gifts; while saving for that perfect white dress of yours.

If you’re feeling low about getting cheap groomsmen gifts, don’t be. They are a handful of persons who’re closest to you and your fiancé, and they’ll understand your predicament.

Cheap Can Be Chic

Your groomsmen gifts may be cheap, but they don’t have to look cheap. If you keep a close eye out, you’ll be able to buy gifts that are both elegant and within your reach.

When it comes to men, you don’t have to overdo things. You can buy gifts as simple as cufflinks, liquor flasks, lighters, and wallets, and you’ll still be able to win their hearts. They are handy, and you can spot items that are elegantly sophisticated and are well under £50.

This being taken care of, you’ll have more money at your disposal to buy that dream wedding dress you’ve got your eyes set on. You can use this money to get more flowers for the big day, or maybe add another tier on the cake. By cutting back on the matters that are of less importance, you can have the wedding you always wanted and still have money in your hand when you start your new life.

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