What checks do finance companies do when you apply for a loa...

What checks do finance companies do when you apply for a loan?

Never underestimate the importance of doing your research before applying for a loan. This includes taking the time to research facts about yourself that the finance company will eventually see. When you know what the company will look for you have an opportunity to address potential problems or even have them removed before you apply for the loan.

Whether you apply for financing through loan brokers or directly through a finance company you can be certain about two things they will look up about you. The first would be your identity; the lender needs to know they are actually giving a significant amount of money to you and not an identity thief or fraudster. The lender will also determine if you are a citizen or a permanent alien in order to determine if you will remain in the country during the life of the loan. Your Social Security number, employment status and job history will be verified as well. More importantly, your expenses and income will also be verified. If you have any additional sources of income you want the lenders to be aware of then be sure to have documentation as proof.

Your loan application may also have a set of questions regarding your gender, ethnicity and race. However, these questions are strictly voluntarily and a lender cannot force you to answer them. In fact, these questions are not mandatory in order to reduce the possibility of discrimination. However, it is perfectly allowable for a lender to ask if you have been involved in any lawsuits, property foreclosures, filed for bankruptcy or if you happen to own any notes.

Any information requested beyond these common items will likely depend on the type of loan you are trying to obtain. For example, if you are applying for a loan from the Veteran’s Association then your service record will be verified. The government makes a number of loans available for uses such as college tuition or starting a small business. These types of loans also depend on special qualifiers such as academic background or industry experience.

It is completely natural to feel a little nervous when applying for a substantial loan. With a bit of diligence on your part you can be prepared for the whole process and address any concerns from the lender. An educated applicant is better suited to identify the good deals as well as the bad ones.

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