Better to be safe than sorry – Home Insurance at Chris...

Better to be safe than sorry – Home Insurance at Christmas

Home Insurance at Christmas

Following on from my last post I thought i’d follow up with an insurance post to cover you even further this Christmas.

Christmas is an expensive time of year and what with all the gifts and food you will be buying, you’re likely to have an increased amount of goods stored in your home.

But what happens if something goes wrong – can your Home Insurance help to protect all your hard work?

Check your policy. On most, your carefully chosen Christmas gifts are protected automatically by your Contents Insurance.

Once you’ve done all your shopping, if your food or domestic purchases are lost or damaged on your way home, home insurance could pay up to £1,000 towards replacing it. Plus, if frozen food gets damaged in your freezer due to an accidental change in temperature it can provide cover to replace it.

Colder weather and longer nights can mean that problems like burst pipes and break-ins increase during the winter. While home insurance can’t stop these things happening, it can help lessen the impact. Make sure you’re covered for these kinds of issues and if it’s offered by your provider, a home emergency service is also a good idea.

Christmas also sees a dramatic rise in the numbers of fires and accidents in the home. According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, (ROSPA), around 80,000 people suffer accidents and injuries in their homes during the Christmas holidays every year. Many of those happen in the kitchen during food preparation, while putting up decorations – or worse, as a result of faulty fairy lights or unattended candles.

As well as taking necessary safety precautions, remember that when your home is filled with party guests and overexcited children, accidents can happen. Make sure that your home contents insurance provides you with comprehensive cover for common breakages as well as fire and accidents.

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