A guide to owning a thatched property in the UK

A guide to owning a thatched property in the UK

When I was growing up as a child I was sure that I would one day own a thatched house in the country, a cottage I could live in during the summer months and use as somewhere to relax on the weekends.

Although it took me a while longer to get there than I had anticipated, I was delighted to finally complete the purchase of my dream home last year and it has been everything I wanted it to be.

However, there are some things I wish I had known before I bought a home with a thatched roof. Read on for my guide of everything you need to know about maintaining a thatched roof.

Why buy a thatched house?

The benefits of owning a house with a thatched house are obvious. Properties of this nature look as if they are out of a picture postcard and it is not possible to put a price on being able to return home to such a gorgeous residence at the end of a long and draining day or week at work.

Being able to relax in such picturesque locations is sure to allow you to recharge your batteries and ensure that when you get back to the office you will be ready to go again.

How expensive are thatched roofs to maintain?

If you’ve been looking into the possibility of buying a house with a thatched roof, it’s likely you have come across some horror stories from homeowners who have had really bad experiences, with repair bills running into thousands of pounds.

But these incidents are uncommon and in fact, if you are able to keep on top of your thatched roof there is no reason why it will be expensive to ensure it is maintained to a high degree.

How durable is a thatched roof?

The material used to make a thatched roof has a massive impact on how durable it is and how long you can expect it to last before it needs to be replaced. Some materials will generally stay in place for between 40 and 60 years without needing massive repair work, while others can last for longer than a century as long as the right maintenance work is carried out when needed to a high standard.

Having a thorough survey carried out before you even think about buying a property with a thatched roof will give you a clear idea of the state of the materials used in the roof and let you know how soon it is likely to be before repairs and upgrades are needed.

Risks with thatched roofs

Thatched roofs are generally believed to lead to a higher risk of a fire. However this is not true, as there is no reason why a house with a thatched roof is any more likely to catch fire. But it is the case that if a fire does take hold, a thatched roof will probably suffer extensive damage.

This is one of the reasons why it is so vital to invest in a specialist insurance policy for your thatched house, as this is the only way you can ensure you are covered in the event of the worst happening to your residence and a fire occurring.

Insuring your thatched house

While home insurance is a purchase for which people can be forgiven for underestimating the importance, it is absolutely vital you get thatched house insurance if you are moving to this type of property, as otherwise you will not be protected in the event of a fire.

The insurance policy is also likely to help you out with the cost of maintenance work and repairs on the roof, which are very important if you are to keep the thatch up to the required standard.

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