Fantastic 4 Ways to Cut Your Household Spend

Fantastic 4 Ways to Cut Your Household Spend

Everybody is trying to cut back on their household spending nowadays. The good thing is its actually a lot easier than you may think and can be done by simply slightly changing the way you spend your hard earned cash. It doesn’t need to be a drastic change, it doesn’t need to compromise your quality of living, in fact all it needs is a slight change in how you perceive things.

Drop the fancy food labels

With the supermarkets constantly in fierce competition for your custom, there couldn’t be a better time to be in the driving seat. All supermarkets now offer their own branded goods, which a lot of the time are actually manufactured by the larger brands on their behalf, only to put a different label on afterwards. This has recently been highlighted by the Aldi TV commercials. If you’re worried about how other people in your household will react, buy plastic storage and take things out of the wrapper, this works especially well when fooling the kids!

Keep wastage to a minimum

If you still have food left over from dinner the night before, why not pack it up and take it to work, or better yet freeze it and have it as a snack. Chances are it will be a better option than snacking on crisps or chocolate all the time. Its all about getting into the habit of doing this, once you’re in a routine it will become second nature and save on your food spend without a doubt.

Use a shopping list

If you’ve ever gone shopping when you’re really hungry, without a shopping list and kids who want, want, want, then chances are you’ve ended up spending way over your budget on items that aren’t really that important. Take a list and stick with it, you’ll be amazed how much it will stop you impulse buying, which is exactly what special offers are put there to do…

…but special offers are still worthwhile. If something you usually buy is on special offer that week, stock up your freezer, especially if you know you will be buying it next week, by which time it may not be on offer.

Cut down your insurance costs

These days we’re sold difference insurance policies everywhere we look, billboards, TV, magazines, and for things we’ll very rarely use. Home insurance, contents insurance, car insurance, health insurance, these all add up. I’m not saying don’t have them as they can, in the long run, save you from a financial meltdown if ever needed. What I am saying is shop around, compare deals. Competition is rife for your business, which gives you the upperhand.

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