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How to Use Elliot Wave Strategy in Day Trading

The reality of financial trading is that being a successful trader is hard. It is the main reason why most people who try trading will fail eventually. To succeed, you need to take time analysing how the market works. Then, you should develop a strategy that matches your risk appetite. For example, if you are […]

A beginner’s guide to Hedging

Hedging is an investment that serves to reduce or eliminate the risk associated with another investment. It’s designed to minimize exposure to unwanted business risk, but also allows you to profit from this investment. Hedging – a strategy for reducing possible losses To make it easier to understand Hedging, it’s best to see it as […]

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How overeagerness can be your downfall as an FX trader

Trading on the global foreign exchange market is an increasingly popular way for people to invest their money now. The easy access thanks to the growth of online trading and the relatively simple nature of how the market works make it an attractive way to make some extra cash. While the experienced and successful traders […]

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