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Debt Consolidation: The Best Option for Clearing Credit Card Debts

Debt Consolidation: The Best Option for Clearing Credit Card Debts There is no doubt that credit card debts are the most difficult ones to clear. This is because those plastic cards tend to charge the highest interest of all. The average annual rate of a credit card is pegged at 19.1%. And that can add […]


Bitcoin Battle – I’m not winning

Bitcoin Battle – I’m not winning So it seems I chose one of the strangest times to make the decision to buy my first Bitcoin. After an apparent flaw in the code and constant threats of attack from hackers, buying Bitcoin became a nightmare. The vast majority of sites, like Bittylicious and Quickbitcoin, limited the […]

Why i’m going to buy 1 Bitcoin

Buying my first Bitcoin On March 1st I’m going for it. I am going to buy 1 Bitcoin. I have just spent the past day or so reading up and trying to get my head around this topsy-turvy, roller coaster, make believe, fantasy currency and I am genuinely intrigued, so much so I have decided […]

Have you got the right credit card?

Have you got the right credit card? Did you know that 82.6% of consumers are using the wrong credit card for their circumstances? But why is this? People tend to stick to the card they already have and the provider they know. This is fine as it makes life easier, but it also means that […]

Somebody Loves You: Why Even Single People Need Life Insurance

For people who are married or have children, the need for life insurance is pretty obvious. A responsible provider wants to make sure that the people that love him will be secure no matter what happens, and a life insurance policy can protect a family’s financial stability in an extremely difficult time. However, for a […]

How To Tackle Budgeting for Fun

As regular readers will know I love to have a flutter and chance my arm at winning some easy cash. Budgeting is something that everyone should do but often doesn’t, myself included, however if you want to be able to enjoy your favourite activities like gaming, you need to know how to draw up a […]

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