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How much is your Haggis?

How much is your Haggis? The cost of the weekly shop will be pushed up for Scottish consumers if they choose independence in this year’s referendum, supermarkets have warned. I read this at the back end of last year and it has constantly played on my mind. A few qu9otes are in there, which to […]

Energy Cheaper Than Expected

Energy Cheaper Than Expected Finally; some good news from the energy companies. Four of Britain’s biggest energy companies have said bills will rise by around £50 less than expected this winter following David Cameron’s decision to “roll back” green levies. British Gas said the average bill would rise by £70, rather than £123, after the […]

You Have to Spend Money to Make Money – The way banking is going

You Have to Spend Money to Make Money – The way banking is going If you pay for goods with a cashback credit card, you get a certain percentage back for each £1 you spend. So that literally means you’ll get paid for spending! You can find out which is the best cashback card on the […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! – Preparing for 2014

Budgeting in January The tinsel and turkey is gone, ‘auld lang syne’ has been sung and the debris of Christmas and New Year festivities recycled. Even the Boxing Day sales started in November and we finally got paid in January. January is a long month for many. The only thing to complete our start to […]

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