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Cutting the Cost of Air Travel

Cutting the Cost of Air Travel Budgeting for a holiday can be tricky. Unless you opt for an all-inclusive break the aspects such as accommodation, transport and dining can add up to unexpected costs and leave you feeling anything but relaxed. Air travel is one of the biggest holiday expenses but there are several ways […]

Qatar Airways flying high thanks to millions of Facebook fans

Qatar, expat hotspot and entrepreneurial magnet with billions of dollars up for grabs thanks to massive infrastructure spending on the FIFA 2022 World Cup competition. And the banks, modern and forward-looking. Competitive, too. If you’re looking for a competitive business credit card in Qatar then you’ll easily find one given the current spending frenzy. Fan […]

Buying big ticket items from abroad, and how to get them home for cheap

There are many reasons why you might want to make a big purchase overseas and need to arrange safe and reliable transportation to get the item home. It could be that a luxury indulgence or a potentially lucrative investment catches your eye while you are on holiday, or you could be deliberately searching for a […]

The retirement age is rising – are we ready to deal with it?

The retirement age is rising – are we ready to deal with it? By 2020 both men and women will be expected to work until the age of 66 before they can collect their state pension. Money and retirement are intrinsically linked, and the two topics have never been so prevalent in the national psyche since […]

Don’t Give Up Hope Just Yet in Your Financial Struggle

There are thousands of college aged individuals, young adults, adults with families, and even the elderly who are all struggling to get by and tend to live paycheck to paycheck. And as the cost of living continues to rise, it doesn’t seem this form of “barely getting by” will change for many any time soon. […]

Attention Students! Stretch your budget

Attention Students! Stretch your budget Everyone knows that students are a broke bunch. I remember eating rice for days on end in my student digs since I couldn’t afford anything else. However, according to a report, students are becoming more frugal than ever. Annual living costs came in at £9,500 a year, down from £11,000. […]

Top 3 Most Challenging Jobs When Working In Finance

Challenging Jobs When Working In Finance Many employers are having trouble finding strong candidates for jobs in the financial sector. The positions that some financial recruiters have identified as the hardest and most competitive to fill include controllers (including hedge fund controllers), tax managers, fund and senior-level accountants and valuation analysts. So what are these […]

Privatisation of Royal mail – Shares sale!

Royal mail sale! Hundreds of thousands of pounds are set to be splashed out in an advertising campaign to urge the public to buy shares in royal mail. Royal mail is being prepared to float on the stock market for an estimated £3 billion. Although official refused to confirm the cost of the advertising campaign, […]

Don’t live on the breadline when you retire in the UK

Don’t live on the breadline when you retire in the UK Did you know that nearly one million British pensioners are still working? Sure, maybe they enjoy their jobs – but more likely, they can’t afford to retire. The gap between how much people save and the amount they expect to live on when they […]

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