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Neither a borrower nor a lender be

Recently I have lent money to friends and family to cover essential bills. And according to a study done by O2, I’m not alone. More than £2.6 billion was paid out in casual loans to family and friends last year. Mixing family and friends with money can turn sour. Sure, helping out your nearest and […]


Minimum £5 spend a thing of the past?

Minimum £5 spend a thing of the past? Ever been to a small shop and read a sign declaring that you need to spend at least £5 to pay by debit card? My paper shop charges 50p for paying by debit card even if you meet the £5 minimum.  Most of these shops don’t accept […]

Help to buy set to die?

The new help to buy scheme is due to launch next year and it’s not without its critics. The scheme will allow buyers with a deposit of 5% to buy a house more easily – the government will under-write the risk of lending to buyers with less equity. Raising a deposit is a house buyer’s […]

Santander and Funding Circle in Bed Together?

In the Financial Times last week, a partnership between Santander and Funding Circle was mooted. Funding circle is a peer – to – peer lender who focuses on providing loans to small businesses. The company has grown significantly this year alongside its rivals in the same sector such as Zopa and Ratesetter. Other Chinese businesses […]


Americans don’t want to take any risks – they’re stockpiling their cash

There are a lot of ways to save money, some documented on my blog here and many more articles scattered over the internet. However, it seems that there is a big ‘hangover’ from the financial crisis in America. According to, cash is now the preferred way to save any money which won’t be needed […]


How to Find a Vehicle That Fits Your Budget

How to Find a Vehicle That Fits Your Budget If you have ever needed to purchase a vehicle during a time where you were experiencing a budget crunch, than you know how difficult it can be to find something both reasonably priced and reliable. Don’t worry though, as there are ways you can obtain quality […]

Be Your Own Boss – But Beware

I love it when people make a good job of being their own boss. There’s no commute, no office distractions, no uniforms and no strict time scale. Not to mention nobody telling you what to do. I love the benefits of being self employed. However, I’ve also read a lot about the downside.No pension, no […]

Baby Business – The Royal One

I don’t want to monetize everything in sight, but it has to be said that Royal babies are good for business. All economic impact from the birth should be positive. Many commemorative items sold and nothing to offset this – for instance, no public holiday to be taken into consideration unlike for the Royal wedding. […]

A guide to making extra money from unused items

Everyone acquires stuff they do not need. Instead of letting it pile up in the nooks and crannies around your house or donating it all to charity, why not make some extra money from selling it to someone who needs it? There are all sorts of ways to make some extra money by selling your […]

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