Hints and Tips for Paying Off Your Student Loan

Debt is a reality for most students today. However, it doesn’t have to remain your reality for years to come, as there are lots of ways to get to the point of being debt free that little bit faster.

Budget for the repayments

If your student loan payments aren’t being taken directly from your salary then make sure that they form part of your monthly budget so that you don’t miss them.

Make sure you know exactly how much you owe

You may have a rough figure in your head in terms of how much you borrowed and what you know the interest rate to be. However, the reality of the debt that has been accrued could be rather different. It’s very easy to miscalculate or overlook certain fees or interest rate rises. So, when it comes to paying off your student loan start by establishing exactly how much you actually owe.

Begin making repayments straight away

There may be the option to delay the first repayments but, unless you have a very good reason for doing so, it’s better to start reducing the debt now. The earlier you begin repaying your student loan, the sooner the total will be cleared.

Live below your means

The first few years after graduation may be fairly tight on the finance front but if you’re able to live below your means then you can apply more of this cash to paying off your student loan. Being frugal now will give you a much wider range of choices in the future when you’re debt free.

Overpay as often as you can

Get into the habit of applying any spare cash that you have towards an overpayment on your student loan. If you get into this mindset early on then it won’t become a battle between spending the additional money on luxuries or applying it to reducing your debt.

Be prepared to go without

If you want to create room in your budget to make loan overpayments then you may need to make some initial sacrifices to do so. Expensive mobile phone contracts, entertainment systems, going out with friends, travel and clothes, for example, may not be possible for the first couple of years. However, once you’ve cleared that student debt then everything that you earn is yours to spend, whether you want to buy a home or travel the world.

Consolidate your debts

If you have several different student loans then you might be able to consolidate these into one. This not only makes repayment easier, as you have only one debt to think about, but also gives you the opportunity to reduce how much you pay overall. Look for a consolidated loan with a reputable loan company and with a lower rate of interest than you’re currently paying on most, or preferably all, of your existing loans.

Stick to the plan

Once you’ve made a plan to clear your student debt then stick to it – clearing debt requires ongoing commitment not to take on new debts or re-spend old ones.


4 Tips For Making Money Off Your Blog From Day One

Starting a blog is something almost all of us have the capabilities to do, however, making money off it is an entirely different ball game. While most of us think revenue will come with time, ensuring profit from day one will give you a much better advantage moving forward with your business. And if you’ve been curious about how to make money from your blog, then there are a few things you should consider. Check them out below:

Create An Amazing Brand

If you’re going to be creating a blog, then one of the first things you need to focus on is the branding aspects. Not only will this be how people separate your blog from the competition, but what it stands for and why they should follow. After all, a big part about not only having a blog, but a brand is that it’s a symbol for a common belief or culture. And if you’re genuinely going to make money from your blog, this needs to be a top consideration.

To begin, ask yourself what type of personality that your brand would have, as well as what that represents. A big aspect of branding is that it’s just as much science as it is storytelling. While you can have a logo that people understand, a big part of that recognition is also repetition. For example, LucidPress explains that color increases brand recognition by 80 percent, which goes to show how much the little things can add up. Work with some logo creators online to see what identity you could build, since having a great brand means creating a great blog.

Have A Monetization Plan

Although it might sound obvious, a lot of bloggers make their monetization plan a “worry about later” problem. However, doing that not only limits the value opportunity from the start but potentially runs the risk of having it never becoming a part of the conversation, getting wrapped into strictly creating content. If you’ve never considered how to make money with your blog, it should become a top priority as you get more involved.

While you don’t want to cheapen your brand by producing a bunch of work with little to show for it in regards to a reputation, it is important to be mindful of the type of work you could potentially make the most profitable. For example, the average rate for a sponsored blog post comes to about $50 per post (at the minimum), which shows there’s a variation of what could be produced. Draw out a few different avenues and price points that will make sense to you, as that will increase your value from the start.

Get Social With It

As it goes with most bloggers, being active on social media is a top priority to ensure engagement. This not only means getting people to visit your blog but interact with you on social platforms, lending your voice consistently to a multitude of platforms. And although you’ve probably already been working on social, it’s also something that is going to need quite a bit of attention to if you want your blog to thrive.

To begin, start looking at where the different audiences for your website are as well as how you can reach them. For example, a vast majority of Twitter users also report using Instagram. Being able to hit find repetition can be a great way of doing outreach. Furthermore, a big part of social is starting a conversation with those that follow you, allowing them to shed insights on what’s going on as well as how they can learn more. Remember, as a blogger, your main goal should be to help spread information; if you’re able to capitalize on that with social media, it will be much more powerful in the long run.

Keep Consistent With The Visuals

Finally, even if you think it’s something that will require too much work, providing visuals for both your social and blog posts will increase engagement tenfold. In fact, marketers say visual content is one of the most important mediums for their business, which makes sense considering how much more people can digest and form a reaction to it. From there, your content has much spreadability; however, first, we need to talk about your strategy on how to get there.

A big part of producing visual content is either having the talent yourself or bringing on someone that does to both photography and design, as those two core elements can go a long way. Furthermore, having a consistent track record and aesthetic is also a crucial element to look for in your hiring process, especially if your identity is early on. Remember, while no one said your identity has to be perfect from day one, it’s also something that should be developed over time to ensure success.

What are you most excited about in launching your blog? Comment with your answers below!

The Cost of Choosing to live the Greek Life

There’s no surprise about the appeal of Greek Life for many young women starting college. We’ve all grown up watching iconic movies like Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, and American Pie Presents: Beta House that presents sorority and fraternity life as one endless party replete with fun, laughter, friendship, and good-natured rivalry. But as many people come to find out, there are pros and cons of the Greek Life, so before you join that sorority, it might be a good idea to weigh them.

Sisters for a Lifetime. Joining a sorority means you will develop friendships that last a lifetime. They will become your confidantes, your travel companions, and your go-to for just about every adventure. From sharing living space to sharing ceremonies and rituals in your coordinated sorority dresses, you’ll begin to realize just what it means to be inseparable. As a member, you will not only get a big sister, but you will also get an entire family to surround you. Remember that with any family, there are those that become our besties and others that are difficult to deal with on a regular basis.

Academic Support Group. Joining a sorority comes with an understanding that Going Greek means you are also Going Academic. You will be expected to get good grades, and, as a result of the sisterhood, you inherit a ready-made academic support group interested in helping you succeed. Despite what the movies portray, studying and maintaining a respectable GPA is part of the expectations of a sorority. Research has shown that the criticisms of Greek life as antithetical to the mission of academics on college campuses is unfounded, so you will want to get into an academic groove.

Social Identity. Perhaps you were not aware, but 80 percent of US Presidents since 1900 were members of Greek organizations during their tenure in college. Additionally, 85 percent of Fortune 500 executives and 40 of 47 Supreme Court Justices since 1910 were members of a fraternity.  Participation in social structures like sororities provides students with valuable knowledge that will affect their social life after college. Membership in Greek organizations affords young women a social identity and a context that helps to develop leadership skills.

Philanthropy. Another thing often hidden in Greek life is that sororities and fraternities often instill a culture of service and humanitarianism. While social involvement varies from organization to organization, as well as from chapter to chapter, almost all sororities are involved in some community service endeavor. Many chapters highlight philanthropic activities as a key component of Greek life, allowing members to showcase their interests and strengths individually and collectively. Many Greek organizations have taken philanthropy to the next level by raising large amounts of money for charitable causes and doing other things to significantly benefit their communities.

Diversity. Greek organizations are not the homogenous societies they have been in the past. While movies may still portray sororities and fraternities as houses of “like-minded” individuals like all the football players or all the cheerleaders, most organizations make a conscious effort to diversify their membership with regard to race, sexuality, gender identity and socio-economic backgrounds. While there is still work to be done in this area, finding and rushing well-rounded houses is a huge benefit to members.  It allows sorority members to participate in ongoing discussions about diversity, introduces them to a wide range of individuals from various background, and assists in the development of discourse skills required for success in the world beyond college.

Time Commitment. Commitments to your Greek sisterhood can seriously cut into a student’s time. During the pledging process, nearly all hours outside of class attendance are spent in meetings, completing tasks, or being present in the house. With all of the new-found friends, members can get overwhelmed with the need to contribute to social media, join sisters on a McDonald’s run, or attend the many events that are planned and require your participation. Your time management can be seriously tested, so if it’s not one of your strengths, you may need to consider how you will compensate.

Money Commitment. There is also a monetary commitment. The price of membership can be one of the largest expenses in a college budget next to tuition, with a single semester’s membership costing as much as $1000 for some houses. Not only membership dues, but other incidentals like membership pins, gifts for your big and little sisters, formal wear, items for mixers, and t-shirts can raise the cost of a college education by as much as 25 percent.

Deciding whether or not to join a sorority can be a weighty decision and should not be made lightly. Doing your research on the Greek organizations on your campus is one way not only to choose the house most clearly aligned with your interests and needs but also to determine whether going Greek is right for you.

What are some concerns you have about joining a sorority? Feel free to share your ideas here.

What you need to be aware of when trading CFDs

The first thing a potential trader of CFDs should think of is whether these instruments are the appropriate ones to focus when trading online. Even though CFDs represent an alternative to traditional markets, trading CFDs comes with certain risks that traders need to review beforehand. CFDs are complex financial products and it is not only a profit opportunity, but also a danger of losing capital.


Leverage can be both beneficial and dangerous for your investment. Margin trading means your profits have the potential to be magnified, yet it is important to note that losses can also be magnified. Therefore, it is crucial to apply appropriate money-management techniques. While few percentage points in a favourable direction can yield a substantial return, a similar movement against your trade can diminish your trading capital. So, getting the right balance of leverage is the trick to make leverage work. Taking unnecessary risks exposes you to significant losses. A steady approach with trading CFDs can significantly minimize the impact of leverage when trades inevitably go wrong and reduce the risk of trading with leverage.

Trading costs

When trading CFDs there are costs traders need to be aware of. The most common type of cost on CFDs is the spread which is once-off when opening a trade. Additionally, a CFD broker may have overnight financing charges. This is a financing rate for holding open position overnight. Also, be careful when choosing a CFD broker as some might charge commissions, separate from spreads. Make sure you read terms and conditions for a clear preview on the costs before starting trading online.

No ownership

Trading CFDs means trading on the rising or falling values of a financial instruments such as shares, indices, commodities, currencies and more. Yet, the trader does not buy the asset in this case. When buying a share, for example, it delivers a periodic profit. However, trading CFDs highlights solely the current market price and its movement.

As CFDs are complex financial instruments, traders should be considering the disadvantages too. Despite their flexibility and availability, risks are also involved when trading online. CFDs are instruments traders and investors like to have in their portfolios, but it might not be the right trading instrument for every type of trader.

Top 7 eCommerce Trends for 2018

For years, everyone has been saying that ecommerce is the future. Well, the future is finally here now that 2018 has arrived and we’re only two years from 2020. Ecommerce and dropshipping business models like Oberlo may once have been popular only amongst millennials, but things are different now; 51 percent of Americans prefer online shopping these days.

As anyone invested or interested in ecommerce knows, the industry is always changing, and 2018 is promising to bring some huge, exciting trends our way.

1 The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 AI has already been making huge strides in the ecommerce world, but its impact is only going to increase in the new year, especially when it comes to customer service chatbots becoming more widely implemented. According to James Gurd, owner of DigitalJuggler, “In 2018 we’ll see more companies investing in chatbot services to automate part of their customer service process. The market for chatbots and automated customer service is growing; a Business Insider survey reported that 80 percent of businesses expect to have chatbot automation implemented to some extent by 2020.”

 2 On-demand commerce

If you’re a big user of ecommerce platforms, then you’re going to love this trend, since on-demand commerce is all about getting what you ordered super fast. Think Deliveroo or Seamless, but for non-food products; Amazon Prime Now is already making such a service available to certain parts of the country to tremendous success. 42 percent of American adults already use on-demand commerce — almost half the population — and with more vendors joining the movement every day, there’s no doubt this sector will grow in the new year.

 3 Brick and mortar integration

 Sure, ecommerce may be the most popular way to shop now, but that doesn’t meant that brick and mortar storefronts are totally outdated. Instead, brick and mortar stores are finding new ways to cooperate with with their online counterparts in order to bring the best of both worlds to a variety of shoppers. After all, 50 percent of millennials actually prefer going to physical stores at a certain point in the buying process or for specific needs and services. So for example, you’ll see more clothing stores offering online sales but in-person tailoring and fitting services at their storefront.

 4 More mobile spending

 If you’re one of those people who prefers to go on Amazon.com than use the Amazon app, it’s probably because you’ve come to expect the all-too-common reality that apps are usually not as streamlined and intuitive for buyers as websites tend to be. In 2018, however, you should expect that to change. Considering we spend over 4 hours a day on our smartphones and you can even store a digital wallet on your device, it only makes sense that ecommerce stores are going to start perfecting their mobile-based shopping experiences. So make sure you update your phones this year and save storage space for all the most up-to-date apps.

 5 Personalization

 Ironically, even though this is one of the biggest trends in ecommerce this year, it could also be argued that personalizing the ecommerce shopping experience is one of the greatest challenges of the industry. Fortunately, challenges drive innovation. According to Merehead, many clothing and accessories shops are finding personalization solutions, for example the “e-commerce lenskart website… created awesome augmented reality application that allows you to екн on glasses on your face in a real-time. This small app was downloaded [by] more than 5 million people and provided thousands of new sales.”

 6 Voice shopping

Considering the rise in the use of smart home technology and digital assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, more and more ecommerce orders are going to be made by voice command in 2018. Virtual, digital assistants will overtake the world population by 2021, and according to Micha Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr, “The rise of personal assistants has absolutely increased engagement, and as more consumers become comfortable with the process, more will rely upon the technology to accomplish everyday tasks, including purchasing.”

 7 Video content

 When it comes to marketing ecommerce platforms to the rest of the world, video content is going to take over. It’s been estimated that, by 2020, video will make up 80 percent of all online consumer Internet traffic. Why? Well, it’s one of the best ways to get attention online these days, especially with the highly ad-averse generations of Millennials and Generation Z. They’re more likely to read a blog post if it’s partnered with video content, so expect the number of videos in your Facebook feed to go up this year.

In conclusion

 Lots of changes are coming to ecommerce in 2018 and the years to come, in large part due to all the technological advances that have been made in the past few years. Whether you’re passionate about the subject as a consumer or as an entrepreneur looking to invest in new TrustToken cryptocurrency and incorporate blockchain tech into your online business, staying tuned to the changing landscape of the ecommerce world.

What ecommerce trends are you excited about this year? How do you think they’ll change our lives?

3 Crypto Industries You Should Consider Investing In

Don’t be the Dunce, invest smart!

With so many crypto investors seeing massive profits over the past year, it makes sense that more and more people are trying to hop on this wave. And while it makes sense that a lot of both investors and entrepreneurs are attempting to take advantage of this system, the field is only getting more competitive. Which, if you’re trying to invest in some blockchain companies, there are a few industries that you should be on the lookout in considering. Check them out below:


As an industry nearly everyone relies on, it makes sense that freight is one area that blockchain entrepreneurs are looking to enter. In fact, according to Trucking.org, the freight industry is worth around $738 billion in the US alone, which is a pretty staggering figure when you consider the sheer size and volume of this industry. This makes sense, especially considering how much in our lives run because of freight and what comes with it. However, not only could blockchain make this all much more transparent, but cheaper for everyone involved as well.

In regards to innovation with blockchain and the freight industry, a few things have come about. First, FR8 Network, which is a blockchain in trucking alliance, is looking to create a blockchain network that will change the game. They are trying to accomplish this by offering distributors and suppliers the ability to openly connect with one another, rather than solely having to rely on brokers.

Furthermore, this puts pricing out in the open, which makes the market more competitive. In turn, if truckers can find more gigs via the network, then there will be less empty freights on the road, thus increasing productivity while also helping the environment. Yes, the changes that are happening to the freight industry with FR8 and the blockchain are incredibly exciting, and something you should be on the lookout for.

Automated Contracts

Another great change that’s happening with crypto is the ability to execute automated contracts, which is one of the core features of the blockchain and smart contracts. Until recently, there hasn’t exactly been a way to automatically handle contract negotiations and executions (aside from hiring someone like lawyer Aaron Kelly, who has a service which automates contracts). This leaves a lot of people (especially contractors and freelancers) getting screwed by those who decided they want to change their mind on the price of a contract. However, blockchain is looking to change all of that.

An excellent example of this is with something like a logo design, which as noted by 99designs, can cost anywhere between $300 to $1300. Let’s say that a business owner initially agrees with a designer to buy a logo for $500. The designer provides the logo, which then the business owner decides the $500 was too expensive and they’re only going to pay $100. With the blockchain, as soon as the logo is submitted and approved, the business owner has to pay up.

This prevents bad actors from potentially trying to short creatives on their work, and thus, creating a more level playing field for creators. All-in-all, don’t be surprised if more entrepreneurs try tackling this problem soon, as it’s something worth keeping your eye on.

Health Care

As healthcare is a massive industry, it goes without saying that this is a field that is constantly looking to be improved. What makes a lot of hospitals so difficult to work with is the sheer size of the management systems they have to deal with, as well as how billing works too. Furthermore, a lot of health care providers have to share information with one another, which can be quite complicated when dealing with multiple sources. However, this is one area where the blockchain could be incredibly useful.

With the blockchain, hospitals and other healthcare providers could be a part of an extended secure network that shares files safely. Additionally, this could also help with billing, which as noted by the National Institute of Health, a simplified billing system amongst hospitals alone could save $350 billion annually, a significant number when you consider the other aspects of file transfer that might be useful as well.

While this is still early technology, companies like Nanovision are looking to implement a health blockchain network that will not only help providers maintain secure patient information, but will also equip labs and other patient touchpoints with results-sharing as well. Expect healthcare and blockchain become something you hear much more about in the next couple years; this is worth exploring as a long-term investment.

What are you most excited to see start to develop in crypto? Comment with your answers below!

Heres why you should start your new groupspaces site in 2018

Now that 2018 is finally here, it’s time to make some changes. You’ve got all your resolutions written out, you’re balancing family, friends, and career, and you’re eating healthier, even if it’s a bit of a struggle after two weeks of festivities and drinking and consuming whatever you wanted. But one of the things you’ve been thinking about doing–and to be honest, every new year, you have the same idea–is starting a group site.

Whether you’re a mom working from home and passionate about sharing your productivity strategies with other working moms, or you’re interested in finance, helping other people find the best credit cards and credit repair methods–creating a group is a great way for you to share what you’re passionate about with people who share those interests. It’s the perfect time to start a group with GroupSpaces, and here’s why:

1 Sending email newsletters is easy

 Knowing how to send emails that people are most definitely going to read is one of the most important skills anyone can have online. For example, did you know that personalized email messages, according to Aberdeen, improve click-through rates by an average of 14 percent and conversions by 10 percent? So if you’re writing engaging, exciting content and using all the right strategies that GroupSpaces offers, you’re sure to get a lot of new members in this new year. How?

Well, first of all, GroupSpaces makes it easier for you to send email newsletters. They integrate the email sending feature with all the other features, which means you won’t have to keep your email system separate from the group home or members list. And with most of the pricing plans, you’ll also get email statistics, which can help you easily keep track of what is and isn’t working in your email campaigns.

Additionally, while some simpler group sites may only allow you to create one email list for your entire online group, at GroupSpaces, you’ll be able to create multiples. Whether you’re dividing your lists into teams or subgroups, it’s much easier to get organized with GroupSpaces. For more information on how to email your members directly, take a look at this post from their website.

2 Signing up is simple

 Once you’ve gotten some people interested in your group, the next step is getting them signed up as members. If you were running your own site online instead of using the GroupSpaces interface, then this could result in a large number of logistical complications. For example, if you’ve got 100 membership requests a day, it’s going to be quite a challenge to keep track of them and ensure on your own that you give them access to your blog or website, even if you’re one of the 89 percent of Americans who check their email at least once a day.

With GroupSpaces, it’s super simple: you can accept new member sign ups via an online form. You don’t need to wait to receive an email, then add that email to the list of people already in your group. Instead, it’s simple and automated, so you can spend more time on your actual group events and discussions rather than focusing your energy on signing someone up the second the notification appears in your inbox.

3 Organizing events is easy

 When it comes to running groups successfully, being able to create in-person events is incredibly important. After all, what could be more community-oriented than connecting with people online and then being able to meet them in person, shake hands, and finally match a face with the person behind the screen? If yours is a group about emerging trends in cryptocurrencies and blockchains, then it makes sense to have your event in a downtown bar; if you’re a group of outdoors enthusiasts, then a picnic in a national park makes the most sense.

Wherever you decide to organize your events, GroupSpaces makes the entire process simple. Unlike many other online group sites, you can actually organize events for GroupSpaces via Google or Facebook, since they can be integrated together. It’s especially useful considering that Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users. And when it comes to selling tickets online and sending invites, GroupSpaces can simplify that process, too.

Additionally, when it comes to online meetings–such as forums and email discussions–GroupSpaces makes it easy for you to host. You’ll be able to keep everyone connected by sending out newsletters and creating email discussions with everyone on your email list. To learn more about how to create a dynamic conversation in your emails, take a look at our support team’s explanation of how it all works here.

If you’ve always wanted to start a group–why not start the year off right by starting your group site with GroupSpaces in 2018? We’ve got many different plans and prices that you’re sure to find something that works for you. So take a look at your options, choose what’s best for you, and start that online group you’ve always dreamed about creating.

What online group site have you always dreamed of building?

What Business Travelers Should Know About Taxes and Deductions

The idea of expense management when you’re a business traveler can get complicated, and the same goes for employers who are always working on ways to stay on top of expenses and maintain a sense of control and visibility.

Luckily a lot of companies are making it easier on their employees and their finance teams through the implementation of expense management software with features such as mobile apps to manage receipts and expenses on the go, but there is still another issue business travelers face. That issue is how to deal with taxes and deductions.

The following are some things to know for business travelers, and understanding tax deductions and issues from the standpoint of the employee can also help employers better meet their needs and provide them with the tools and resources they need.

What is Classified as Business Travel?

First of all, travelers and their employees should know that the term business travel is a specific one, and the IRS outlines it.

What does the IRS mean by business travel, at least from their own perspective?

It’s a reference to travel away from what’s considered an employee’s tax home that’s “substantially” longer than a day’s work. Business travel as far as the IRS is concerned also requires that the individual is sleeping or resting while they’re away for work and that sleep or rest can’t be done at home.

Employers and employees should differentiate between a home and what a tax home may be. According to the IRS, your tax home is where your primary place of business is, but this doesn’t mean it’s where your house is.

Types of Travel

There are different IRS guidelines on deductions depending on the type of travel.

For example, if you’re planning on going to a convention, you may need to show that it is directly related to your work, and if you’re going to an event aboard a cruise, it can be tough to prove that this should be a deduction.

For some finance teams in big companies, they may already know the IRS guidelines so they can send employees on trips that are going to be tax deductible for the organization, but it can be a bit trickier if you’re a business traveler who’s not being reimbursed for something, but you’re looking for deductions.

Are Expense Reimbursements Income?

Another question a lot of frequent business travelers have is whether or not expense reimbursements are counted as income.

Whether you’re an employee or an independent contractor, you do have the opportunity to deduct certain business expenses, but if you’re reimbursed, you can no longer do that. However, are reimbursements taxable income?

Generally they aren’t, as long as you can prove that you were reimbursed for a legitimate business expense. When you’re reimbursed, you don’t need to claim, but an employer can claim it as a deduction on their own return.

Finally, this again relates to expense management software and its importance in the modern workplace, not just for employers but also for employees.

It makes it easier to keep track of expenses and reimbursements to make sure taxes are filed correctly. If an employee doesn’t have the necessary proof the reimbursement was a business expense, the IRS may ultimately add it to the employees’ taxable income.

5 Financial Errors You May be Making

What do you see when you look at your financial situation as a whole? Do you have concerns that you are making mistakes that will hold you back in the future? Are you willing to change your ways if it will put you in better position for financial success?

Here’s something to remember: everyone makes mistakes every now and again. No matter how hard you try to stay on track, you’ll eventually run into a financial error that stops you dead in your tracks.

Here are five financial errors that are incredibly common, but should be avoided as much as possible.

  1. Too Much Credit Card Debt

It’s easy to take on credit card debt, as all you have to do is pull out your plastic and make a purchase. It’s even easier now, with the number of online vendors like JUUL, Amazon, Jet.com, and many others, most of which will allow consumers to save their credit card information for more streamlined purchasing in the future. Unfortunately, all those small purchases have a way of adding up.

Get this: Fox Business notes that in the United States, the average household has roughly $16,000 in credit card debt.

If you’re carrying a credit card balance, look for a way to eliminate this as quickly as possible. Once your debt is gone, it will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

  1. Not Enough Retirement Savings

According to Forbes, nearly half of Americans are at risk of hitting retirement age with no savings to retire with. This is a problem on many levels, and sadly many people will not be able to retire when they want to.

If you don’t have enough money in retirement savings, now’s the time to take a hard look at your past mistakes and missteps. This is the only way to alter your plan and achieve more success in the future.

  1. No Emergency Savings

It’s easy to believe that nothing bad will ever happen to you, but that’s just not reality. You never know what the future could bring, and without an emergency savings, you could find yourself in a tough financial spot down the road.

According to CNN, the majority of Americans don’t have even $500 in savings. If you’re part of this group, do whatever it takes to stockpile some cash in an emergency account.

You may never use it, but it’s nice to know that the money is there if an emergency comes to light when you least expect it.

  1. Overspending on Dining Out

There are a lot of people who enjoy dining out; not only is it convenient, but it’s also quite a bit of fun. Unfortunately, dining out is also expensive. According to The Simple Dollar, the average person spends $232 per month on eating on-the-go.

Tip: keep track of how much you spend on dining out over the course of one month. Once you have this number in hand, you may realize you need to change your ways. It can be shocking to see just how much we spend on junk food!

  1. Spending Too Much Money on Rent

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend money on a nice place to live; however, there does come a point when you could be overspending on rent.

According to Apartment List, fewer people are renting in the majority of large cities in the United States. In other words, now may be the time to think about buying a home. This isn’t the right decision for everyone, but it could be a decision that allows you to save money and build equity over the long run.

Final Thoughts

No two people are exactly the same, meaning that the financial errors you have made in the past may not affect someone else in the same way. Even so, the five errors detailed above are extremely common. If you find yourself bogged down by one or more of these, you don’t have to continue down the same path in the months and years to come.

You can change your ways by learning more about credit repair, creating a budget, and making lifestyle adjustments as you see fit. It doesn’t matter if you are a retiree, a law school student searching for ways to fund your education, or a single parent, the more errors you avoid, the better you’ll feel about your finances.

What are your thoughts on these common financial errors? Do you have what it takes to avoid these in the future? What steps will you take to stay on track? Share your personal thoughts in the comment section below.

Сrеаtіvе Іnvеstіng аnd Fіnаnсіng Тесhnіquеs

Тrаdіtіоnаl rеаl еstаtе іnvеstіng bу dеfіnіtіоn іnvоlvеs thе рurсhаsе, оwnеrshір, mаnаgеmеnt, rеntаl аnd/оr sаlе оf rеаl еstаtе fоr рrоfіt. Undеr thіs dеfіnіtіоn, rеаl еstаtе іs аn аssеt fоrm wіth lіmіtеd lіquіdіtу rеlаtіvе tо оthеr іnvеstmеnts, аnd trаdіtіоnаllу іs hіghlу dереndеnt оn саsh flоw, but whеn wе lооk аt сrеаtіvе wауs оf іnvеstіng іn rеаl еstаtе а lоt mоrе орроrtunіtіеs аrе ореn tо us.

Ѕо whаt аrе sоmе сrеаtіvе wауs tо оbtаіn fіnаnсіng? Тhеrе аrе mаnу but hеrе аrе sоmе оf thе mоst рорulаr tо lіst а fеw:

Раrtnеrshірs аrе fаіrlу соmmоn bесаusе thіs іs fіrst thіng а lоt оf rеаl еstаtе іnvеstоrs thіnk аbоut dоіng whеn thеу stаrt оut. Тhеу wаnt tо fіnd sоmеbоdу whо саn рut uр thе mоnеу аnd sрlіt thе dеаl wіth thеm fіftу-fіftу. Тhіs іs аn орtіоn but thеrе аrе bеttеr wауs tо mаkе а lоt mоrе.

Наrd Моnеу Lеndеrs аrе іndіvіduаls оr соmраnіеs thаt hаvе саsh rеаdу fоr уоu tо bоrrоw. Тhіs іs usuаllу а muсh bеttеr аltеrnаtіvе thаn trаdіtіоnаl bаnks sіnсе іt іs а gооd sоurсе fоr gеttіng funds quісklу еvеn іf уоu hаvе а lоw сrеdіt sсоrе. Маnу hаrd mоnеу lеndеrs dоn’t lіkе tо lеnd mоrе thаn 65% оf thе fаіr mаrkеt vаluе оf а rеаl еstаtе рrореrtу, sо thе bеttеr thе dеаl, thе mоrе орtіоns уоu’ll hаvе.

Рrіvаtе Lеndеrs саn bе аn еvеn bеttеr аltеrnаtіvе tо hаrd mоnеу lеndеrs bесаusе уоu саn оftеn аrrаngе bеttеr tеrms sіnсе уоu аrе dеаlіng wіth sоmеоnе рrіvаtеlу. Rеmеmbеr, а рrіvаtе lеndеr саn bе аnуоnе еvеn frіеnds оr fаmіlу. Еvеrуbоdу wіns bесаusе уоu аrе оffеrіng thеm а muсh bеttеr rаtе оf rеturn thаn thеу wіll gеt іn thеіr sаvіngs оr mutuаl funds аnd іt’s sесurеd bу rеаl еstаtе.

“Ѕubјесt tо” Fіnаnсіng соmеs frоm thе сlаusе “subјесt tо ехіstіng fіnаnсіng”. Wіth thіs strаtеgу уоu аrе lеаvіng thе ехіstіng fіnаnсіng іn рlасе аnd јust tаkіng оvеr thе рауmеnts оn thе sеllеrs ехіstіng mоrtgаgе. Yоur nаmе іs nоt gоіng оn thе lоаn. Іt wіll stау іn thе sеllеrs nаmе. Тhеrе аrе оthеr wауs tо dо sіmіlаr sеllеr fіnаnсіng аs wеll. Тhіs іs аn ехсеllеnt strаtеgу fоr thоsе whо hаvе рооr сrеdіt tо bеgіn іnvеstіng quісklу.

Whоlеsаlіng оr Flірріng аrе sресіfіс rеаl еstаtе іnvеstіng strаtеgіеs thаt аrе еssеntіаllу сrеаtіvе sоlutіоns tо еlіmіnаtе thе nееd fоr оbtаіnіng аnу funds аt аll. Тhіs іs whеrе уоu tіе uр а рrореrtу аt а dіsсоunt (usіng аn аgrееmеnt) аnd thеn flір thе рrореrtу tо аnоthеr buуеr оr rеаl еstаtе іnvеstоr fоr а quісk рrоfіt. Весаusе оf thіs, іt’s vіrtuаllу rіsk frее, thеrе іs nо nееd fоr ехсеssіvе саsh, сrеdіt оr fіnаnсіng, аnd уоu dо nо rераіrs оr wоrk уоursеlf. Тhіs іs whу whеn іt соmеs tо mаkіng quісk саsh іn rеаl еstаtе, thіs mеthоd оf rеаl еstаtе іnvеstіng іs оnе thе bеst rоutеs tо tаkе nоt оnlу fоr аvоіdіng mаnу оf thе fіnаnсіng hеаdасhеs, іt аllоws уоu tо mаkе саsh mоrе quісklу fоr thе rеаl еstаtе mаrkеt tоdау. І wоuld еnсоurаgе уоu tо lооk аt аs mаnу орtіоns аs роssіblе, thеn соmраrе thе tеrms оf еасh. Тhіs wау уоu wіll knоw whаt wіll wоrk bеst fоr уоur іndіvіduаl сіrсumstаnсеs.

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